Financial Information

Cost of Treatment

This is a question we are frequently asked, and there is no one answer. Just as every smile is different, so is every treatment plan.

It is important to understand that the cost of treatment covers not only the appliances we use, but the training, skill, and experience of the orthodontist. It is the doctor who straightens your teeth, and the braces are the tools he uses to achieve your desired result.

That is why we offer a free consultation! The consultation includes a comprehensive exam, X-rays, and photos, all at no charge. Your fee includes EVERYTHING for this phase of treatment, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses when you come to our office.

You can even set up the visit to start treatment before you leave, and in some cases we can start you that day. Come in and meet your doctor and our team!


Dental policies vary with respect to orthodontic coverage, and we are here to help. We will research your individual policy and include it in your financial plan. Once you start treatment, we will file your policy. Even if your policy pays directly to you, we will still file your claims.